Thursday, August 16, 2012

TH IT has two new presence in the web

TH IT's new presence in the web: 
THIT at Facebook and thitonline at

TH IT has added two more new Web Presences:

1.  On 26 Mar 2012, we have created our Facebook pages name as THIT. Obviously with this facebook accounts open, you could get to know our latest info as soon as possible here.

Here is how to subscribe to our Facebook account:

2. On 20 Apr 2012, we have added a store at The ID for our store is called THITONLINE.

Quality ex-rental products are display for sale here. We are glad to say that so far we have been very successful in this, some of our products are fully sold out within a short period of time. You may login to our store using the following link.

To get updated from us on the products available for sales, please go to our Facebook and "LIKE" us.

As we move on, we are glad to say that we are also registered as Canon's preferred dealer, we will be posting brand new Canon's products for sale at the store as well.

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