Friday, August 28, 2009

MTV World Stage live in Malaysia

From 10 Aug 09 to 16 Aug 09 we did a new job for MTV Asia again. Last year we did it in Genting and this year they chose Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Well this time the venue is very near to our office/warehouse in USJ 1, I told myself we should be able to do a much better job than before!

This time the event is near the surf beach and production area is in the cafetaria next to the first aid room whereas press area is in Percola B.

For this time, since we have the new Ricoh MPC4000, our customer is more than happy to take the 2 multifunction color laser quality copier from us, instead of taking from different parties. More over our rate is cheaper!

List of equipment they rented this time:

6 pc, 4 nb, 2x full set multi function copier MPC4000 complete with finisher, 1x 4015dn (55 ppm b/w laserjet printer), 1x 2605dn (12 ppm color laser jet printer), networking and wifi connection, plus even the paper we can supply as well! We are becoming more 1 stop!

Preliminary Setup
Sunway Lagoon's IT manager, Mr. James is very kind and helpful to see that we could finished the network cabling earlier without much disruption on the day setting up. I did a site visit a few days earlier and drafted out a good plan to install the network cable from Sunway's Cisco router switch to both the production area and the Percola B (the media area). The most difficult part for this job is obviously to run a cable underneath a drain which is fully covered and the length is about 30 feet. One end of it is covered with a grilled, hinged cover but the other end is cover with thick, heavy slab!

On 7 Aug 09 morning about 7 am, four of us, YF, Azmi, Wan and myself gathered at Restaurant Sri Bidara, have our breakfast there. Long time I did not visit this restaurant already, I still remember I used to buy catered food from this restaurant for lunch for training room rental customer.

8 am, we were at the security gate sharp and so was Mr. Chan of Sunway Lagoon, the IT executive for James. We splitted into two groups, me and Yf; Azmi and Wan. Me and YF took care of the drain and Azmy and Wan took care of the production house.
Thanks to the site visit and the preparation, we brought all the necessary tools and materials required to installed the cable through the drain. For this we use 3x 1/2 inch PVC pipes measuring 6 feet to 12 feet, PVC pipe glue, 1x 3 feet iron rod, 1x brick, 1 roll of thick iron wire. First we estimated the cable length and run them through the pipes first, then after we push the PVC pipe under and into the drain.

PVC pipe glue was used to glue and join different section of the pipe together. With this we move the lan cable into the drain easily!
Second difficult task is we have to dig out the heavy slab on the other end. There are only two short tiny slots on the slab. We made a ingenius hook by using a spanner, a short length of the thick iron wire and we got them twisted together! After inserted the spanner in, we managed to dig out the heavy slab without much problem.

Set up day on 10 Aug 09:

Again four of us gathered in the morning and deliver sharp at 9 am to Sunway Lagoon Resort. After we have unloaded everything and waited for all the equipment to be set up, we tested the lan lines were working fine eventually. Customer needed 4 Mbps for the line speed in order for them to do live transmission. Eventually we tested all the lines to have between 3.7 to 3.9 Mbps download and upload speed.

Technical standby through out:

Din is assigned to standby for the whole event from 10 Aug 09 to 15 Aug 09.

Customer's comment:

Hard working, fast response, know his work. Need to talk a bit slower.

Our appreciation:

I like to express our greatest appreciation to MTV Asia for their continue support to rent the necessary IT and office equipment from us for their event in Malaysia. I also like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the FREE tickets given to us to join their concert. We at TH IT, has a mission to deliver every job correctly, punctually and with highest level of quality for the equipment rented and for the service we rendered.

Back ground of MTV Asia:
MTV Southeast Asia is a 24-hour Music/Entertainment television network, owned by MTV Networks Asia Pacific, a division of Viacom. The channel is shown in the Southeast Asia region including Singapore (StarHub TV), Malaysia (Astro), Hong Kong (NOW TV), Indonesia (Indovision, TelkomVision, First Media), and Thailand (TrueVisions). Apart from these countries, Indonesia and the Philippines also have their own domestic versions of MTV.
Who is TH IT:
TH IT Resource Centre Sdn Bhd is a professional computer rental company base in Malaysia. We have wide range of computer or IT product for rental. Be it PC, notebook, printer, server, projector, copier, AV equipment, plasma TV and training room, we have them all ready for rental from as short as 1 day to 2 to 3 years.
We deliver nationwide and since have covered every state in the country including Sabah and Sarawak. In year 2007, we even have delivered to Pattaya, Thailand and Dubai.
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