Monday, September 29, 2008

TH IT supplied 64 bits high end 3D notebooks for PumaFlow training for the second time

21 Sep 08 Sunday

At 5.30 pm, Yih Farn was assigned to wait for two French gentlemen who were to install their PumaFlow software into our Dell Precision M4300 again. The software is supplied by famous French company BeicipFranlab.

This is the second time our notebook Dell Precision M4300 featuring a mobile workstation are rented again by the same customer to run their high end 3D graphic software training for one of the renown corporate giant in Malaysia.

Both Nicholas and David arrived sharp on time and all were expecting to have a long night that night. Base on our last experience, we couldn't get the NVidia Quadro Pro FX360 graphic card driver installed in Redhat Linux enterprise 4. This driver is so important to make sure the 3D graphic runs smoothly. During our last installation, it was only successfully installed with Redhat Linux Enterprise 5 (64 bits)

Problem encountered

Not for long, David said he encountered a problem to run one of the very important program, the SIMView. In previous class, the other trainer took about 3 hours to download extra necessary drivers for their program to run smoothly. While we established this fact that RE5 can be used without any problem, both Nicholas and David were having an tense up moment to solve their problem.

Upon their request, Yih Farn tried to run the RE4 installation again. Obviously we are more experience now and coupled with the fact that both Nicholas and David are expert in their program, under their guidelines, we quickly discover new findings on RE4.

Graphic Card driver installation works on RE4

To our surprise, we quickly found out that the graphic card driver can be installed easily and stably on RE4! It seems that we need to select all the options during installation of RE4 to achieve this.

Everyone was so happy because after we have discovered this, it means we can go back home early and sleep early.

Training is done at JW Mariott Hotel, Jln Bukit bintang.

TH IT's support

After 1 unit of the notebook was completely set up by David, we continue to clone the other units with this unit's image. The data was so hugh that each image cloning process lasted about 45 minutes per session! In order to run faster, we eventually changed to gigabits switch. Nonetheless we finished at about 00.30 am that night!

Thanks to the 'Buka Puasa' (break fast dinner) dinner at Mariott Hotel, that it is advantages for both Nicholas and David are coming over to our office to do the installation.

7.30am set up at Mariott Hotel

To make sure every units will be installed and set up probably, so Nicholas requested us to set up at Mariott at 7.30 am. By 7.00 am, Yih Farn was already there and every unit was set up and installed properly without any problem! I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with Yih Farn because he can always made things done properly.

Notebooks supplied:


Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 (2.2GHz, 2MB cache, 800MHz), memory 4 GB (2 GB x2) PC2-5300 800MHz memory, 8X DVD Recordable Dual Layer, 160GB SATA HDD (7200 rpm), 15.4" Wide Aspect Ultrasharp(TM) UXGA (1920 x 1200) Display, NVIDIA(R) Quadro(R) FX 360M 512MB TurboCache OpenGL PCI-E Graphics, Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card and Bluetooth, Integrated gigabit Ethernet, 9-cell 85Whr Lithium Ion Primary Battery, WIN XP PRO SP2 64 bits downgradable to Window Vista Business 64 bits.

Supplied by:

Office Tel: 603-80239232
Office Fax: 603-80234232

Company website:
For a record of our rental experience:
For a list of our quality ex-rental product for sales:

Click here for more information on Puma Flow software supply by BeicipFranlab.

Click here for article on 1st delivery of the same notebooks for Puma Flow training.

Friday, September 5, 2008

TH IT rented out computer and copier to Malaysia International Firework Competition 2008

Once again, Malaysia's sky on top of area around Putrajaya Convention Center was lit up by a series of pyrotechnics displays shown by 4 countries around the world. The event is organised by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and is themed as "Malaysia International Firework Competition 2008". Participating countries for this year are:

Malaysia - Pyro-Splendour
China - China Jinsheng Fireworks Mfg. Co., Ltd
Canada -David Whysall International Fireworks

And the grand finale on the last day was jointly presented by last year's champion, The Australian team - Howard & Sons and MIFC Producer Joe Ghazzal.
All of them competed with each other from 12 Aug to 29 August, for the Merdeka Golden Trophy.
The winner of Merdeka Golden Trophy 2008: The Spain team.

The event is held at Putrajaya, Malaysia's administration centre. Below are some magnificient photos for the record:

IT support at the media centre:

Once again, TH IT was selected as the vendor to supply the IT equipment needed for the media centre, attributed by our great success during last year's event.

Our staff, En. Zabarudin (Din) was assigned to handle the whole series of media centre IT equipment set up from first day until the last day. For every set up, all the pcs, copier and wireless equipment were preloaded and tested working fine in our workshop before leaving to PJCC (Putrajaya Convention Centre).

This procedure makes our installation at site very smooth and no problem happened at all. There is no complaint at all from our customer. Din was required to standby there until the media centre is closed. Every night he finished work at around 00.30am in the morning.

Below are some photos snapped on the set up at the media centre:

Once again, TH IT has completed successfully an important international job trusted to us, thanks to you Din and all other supporting technical staff and you all have done a GOOD job.

For further information on professional computer rental services, kindly contact TH IT at:


Company web-site:

Contact person: Mr. Lee Te Hua,
Mobile no: (6)019-2626812

Saturday, July 26, 2008

TH IT rented notebook and copier to Flora Parade, Johor Bahru

Flora Parade, Johor Bahru 25 to 28 July 08

Flora Parade, is another event to promote tourism in Malaysia organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. This time the event is held in Johor Bahru, the capital city of Johor, West Malaysia.

We are very greatful to the organizer for selecting us again to be the IT vendor to supply equipment to the media centre.

The equipment rented:

This time the equipment rented is similar to other media centre, ie. 10 pc, 1 copier with printing function, networking and internet access, with technical standby.

On 25th morning 7.30am, loaded with 10 HP NX6120, 1 Ricoh copier, wireless gateway router and modem, coupled with other accessories, I kicked off my trip to JB. Though it started to rain near Air Keroh and all the way to JB, I managed to reach there on time at 11.30 am.

For this job, first we are ordered to set up at Dataran Bandaraya and next shift to Danga Bay. With the help of Din (my newly employed technician), we went through Google Map the night before to check where are these two places. JB is a town where I seldom go so familiarization is important. Thanks to Google map, it helps me to identify my best route to go to these 2 places. On top of these, I would like thank my friend, Siew Hwa who stays in Senai for giving me advise on which exit I should take from North South High Way.

Following Jalan Skudai, first I reached Danga Bay. It gives me a good impression. In front of Danga Bay is a straits dividing Malaysia and Singapore, so I can see Singapore from there.

Due to some reason, the organiser has changed their plan, so we shifted our pc and notebook set up at Danga Bay. Hence the media centre is set up at around 8.00 pm. However, the highlight of the day is the judging of the parade floats. At about 9.30 pm to 10.00 pm, all the judges arrived and they proceeded to the floats hangar to evaluate and judge the floats in terms of their creativity, decoration, artistic skills and relevance to the theme of the parade.

Below is a short video clip on the flora parade, media centre and set up for the notebooks, copier and internet access equipment rented.

For more information on Malaysian tourism activity, please visit:

For professional computer rental services, please visit

Brief introduction about TH IT:

TH IT RESOURCE CENTRE in short is a professional computer rental company in Malaysia. We rent computer/pc, notebook/laptop, printer, server, projector and training room throughout the whole nation. So far, we have deliveries to Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, N. Sembilan, Melacca, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak. Next month we will deliver to Kota Bahru Kelantan, thus completing all the states in Malaysia.

Friday, July 4, 2008

More than 200 units of pc, nb & printer etc ON RENT today from TH IT

In the evening when I was having dinner with my family, I was so excited to announce this:"Today we just delivered 80 units of pc and notebook to one place plus another 14 units of notebooks to another, and this make our total delivery to-date amount to more than 200 units of different equipment!"

As I did a count today, to-date we have delivered the following:

1) To Hotel Le M.,

29 units of pc,
11 units of black and white laserjet printer (minimum 24 ppm)
5 units of color laserjet printer
1 unit of scanner
2 units of multifunction printer (fax, scan, copy and print)
1 unit of projector

Sub-total: 49

2) To Wisma D.,

64 units of pc (all with LCD monitors)
16 units of notebook.

Sub-total: 80 units

3) To Wisma L.,

14 units of notebook

4) To DP,

37 units of pc
6 units of projector
4 units of printers

Sub-total: 43 units

5) To C W,
6 units of notebook

6) To C H,
5 units of pc
5 units of printer

Sub-total: 10 units

7) To P. H.
4 units of PC,
2 units of notebook

sub-total: 6 units

8) To CMA
12 pc

9) To Cyberjaya
1 server

Total: 221 units of various kind of equipment!

This is really a new record high in TH IT's history! Nine years ago, I started the company with 2 PC, and today there are all together 221 units of various type of equipment on rent to different customers. Despite the above 221 units of equipment, we still have quite a number of items in our warehouse.

Here I like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the customers who have given their valuble support in the past and now.

It is my vision to lead the company to become a leading professional computer rental company in the country and in the region. The above is just a new milestone and I am sure we will advance to another milestone in the near future.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Citrarasa Malaysia 2008 - Miri, Sarawak

TH IT's experience at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008 - Miri, Sarawak.

Learnt from our previous experience to Labuan (Malaysia Water Festival 2008 - Labuan), we have identified the Dos and Don'ts for our preparation to carry our notebooks to Miri, Sarawak.

This time, our order is still standard, ie 10 notebooks, 1 multifunction copier and internet wireless connectivity.

Creative Packing
As the note on the maximum carton weight per case limited to not more than 32 kgs per case, we have shelved the idea to use back the hard carrying case we purchased previously. However, we do not want to rule out that the case is still very good in other jobs because in one this box we can put in upto 12 notebooks!

By taking away the hard carrying case, our weight will be reduced. For the replacement, I have decided to use 3 units of Polo suitcases. 2 of them I purchased from the airport during my last trip to Labuan. 1 from my suitcase inventory!

All the equipment and accessories were nicely packed into those 3 suitcases and they were checked in smoothly without any question asked!

Responsibility for safety
After viewing a few episodes of National Geography's Air Crash Investication siries, I realised most air crashes are actually due to human's mistake either by way of recklessness or negligent. So as a responsible passenger, we have to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the air line industry strictly. As I still remember, on my way return from Labuan, the check in operator actually asked if all the battery in the laptops have been detached. As this is quite an important safety rule, I have instructed my technical team to detached the battery from the laptop when packing.

Are airlines following the rules?
While we, the passenger follow the rules lay down by either the air lines or the authority, is our airlines follow those rules accordingly?

Let me just recall my last 2 trips' experience:

On my way to Labuan,
when the case is too heavy, it was rejected.
However, the check in operator never ask what is the content. I guest she is confident it is safe to check it in as long as there is a security scanned sticker. But the security never ask if the notebook battery is detached?

On my way returning from Labuan to KL,
I was asked to detached the notebook battery.

On my way to Miri,
All my notebooks checked in easily without any question from the security or the check in operator.

On my way back to KL,
(Will update later)

How can airport authority and airlines operator prevent terrorist attack effectively?

With all these carelessness and loopholes in the airport and airlines operation, I became to think how could terrorist attacks be prevented effectively? Especially when electronic technology is so advance now-a-days!

Citrarasa in Miri
Set up for the Media Center in Miri is done very smoothly. However, after my last visit to Miri about 14 years ago, I found Miri's wheather is very much warmer than before.

The tent was set up properly and the contractor gave me one chain with a good padlock to secure the front door. However, when one of the air conditioner failed, I saw how easily the air conditioner can be remove from its' position and leaving behind a big rectangular entrance for entry. After checking with the organiser on the status of security, I was told that on Thursday night, 19/6/08, there will not be security on guard! I got so worry for the first night and decided to take back all the notebooks to hotel.

On second night, I felt a bit more comfortable with the security and decided to leave all the notebooks in media center. To improve the security, I stacked up all the banquet chairs available and blocked up the 2 air conditioners opening.

Customer's operation is the utmost important consideration
We have to be very careful with security for very obvious reasons of losing the notebooks and any equipment not only means lost of asset but it also means great interruption to client's event. Lost of equipment may be compensated but lost of client's event time can never be replaced.

Nice food
There are many food stalls during the event (about 90) and despite the hot wheather, I found quite a number of surprises in this event. Some of the food I like most are:
Otak-otak from Johor
Rendang from Perak
Laksa Sarawak
Manok Kampung from Sarawak - a very rare food which I have never seen in West Malaysia. This type of food is like lemang but instead of 'nasi pulut' chicken is inserted into the bamboo and burn until it is cooked.

Photo galery:

For more photo viewing, please visit the following links:
Colours of Malaysia 2007
Colours of Malaysia 2006

For professional rental services on computer, notebook, printer, projector, server and training room, please visit

TH IT at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008

TH IT is the IT provider at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008

Following the Colors of Malaysia which is held at Putrajaya, we move on to participate in Citrarasa Malaysia 2008. Once again we like to express our sincere thanks to Tourism Ministry and our business partner for giving us all these golden opportunities to participate in all these activities to help to promote tourism both locally and to international visitors.

Citrarasa Malaysia is an event to promote the vast varieties of cultural rich and delectable Malaysian food and drinks. This event also helps to promote Malaysia's famous tropical beauty and hospitality.

The event starts off at Titiwangsa Lake Garden from 6 Jun 08 to 9 Jun 08 and ends in Miri, Sarawak from 20 Jun to 22 Jun 08.

Citrarasa Miri 2008 - 20 Jun 08 to 22 Jun 08 -

another unique experience for TH IT.

For more photo viewing, please visit the following links:

For professional rental services on computer, notebook, printer, projector, server and training room, please visit

For TH IT's experience on Citrarasa Malaysia Miri 2008, please click here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TH IT at The V-Net Malaysia 2008

The V-Net Malaysia 2008

Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)
Date: 20th May 08 to 25th May 08


In the period indicated above, TH IT and our business partner have embarked on a very big event ever held in PISA.

The event is organised by THE -V. The V is an international company specializes in providing network marketing, training, network development and management company. More than 2 million business leaders have been trained by them worldwide.

Equipment rented:

55 units of HP Core 2 duo 2.0 to 2.2 GHz desktop computer with 19" LCD monitors.
6 units of WI FI router
6 units of 24 ports 3Com switch.
1 unit of IBM X235 Xeon 3.06 GHz server

Network cable installed: 6 boxes of 305 m each, total to 1830 m cable length.

Internet connectivity:

Interface with incoming:

2x 2 Mbps lease line, going through Cisco router and Red Box firewall.

Light speed confirmation

The enquiry comes in with very demanding requirement whereby all 55 pcs required must be Intel Core 2 Duo models. Within 3 hours of negotiation, TH IT concluded the order on Thursday night (15 May 08), leaving only 1 working day (Friday, 16 May 08) for us to replenish stock with brand new stock from HP computers.

Thanks to our most capable and long term business partner, Delteq, we obtained our brand new 40 units of PC on Friday with just few hours of notice. It is this kind of strong business relationship we have with Delteq that I can guarantee our customer 1 day is enough for us to bring in 40 units brand new HP computer. My greatest gratitude to all the staff from Delteq who work hard with us all this while.

Briefly the spec of the pcs we brought in comprise of:

28 units of
HP DX2700 Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz,
1 GB mem, 160 GB hdd, DVD RW,
19" LCD monitor
Gigabit network interface
Win XP PRO/Vista Business

12 units of
HP 7400 Core 2 Duo 2.83 GHz
1 GB mem, 160 GB hdd, DVD RW,
19" LCD monitor,
Gigabit network interface,
PCI-e x16 interface
WIN XP PRO/Vista Business
All the PCs together with some existing stock were got ready over the weekend with friends and my children's assistance (It's school holiday)

The set up

With our 1 tonne lorry almost fully loaded, on 19 May 08 (which is Wesak Day, public holiday in Malaysia) we arrived PISA Penang at around 2 pm. Strait away we started with the set up for the most important registration counter. 33 units of PC need to be set up immediately for the following day's registration.

Our customer is very pleased and impressed because every monitor and pc is brand new! However our greatest challenge came from the cabling. The incoming lease lines are located quite far away and we have to run 2 cables each measuring about 130 m to the switch at the registration counter.

The other challenges are:

1) All the PCs required by the exhibition booths in PISA's concourse area need to be connected with cable and they are located all around. The total perimeter length of PISA concourse area is about 800 m!

2) The whole area need to be covered with WI FI and the internet access need to go through the Cisco router.

3) The concourse area is located at level 3 and 2 cables need to be run to level 2 to 2 different room and set up WI FI connection. Each cable measuring about 100 m.

We are very proud to say that the whole job is completed within 2 days and 2 nights with the following gratitude goes towards to:

1) Our customer and their staff who are very understanding and cooperative.
2) All the TH IT's dedicated staff
3) Our partners and friends from Penang.

Some snap shots about the event:

For professional and reliable computer rental services, please visit TH IT's official web site at:

For a list of our quality ex-rental products for sale, please visit

To find out more about The V, please visit:

Friday, May 2, 2008

Penang World Music Festival

Penang World Music Festival
2 May 08 to 4 May 08

Immediately after the Malaysia Water Festival - Labuan, we continue with another job at Penang, the Penang World Music Festival.

As part of the tourism ministry's effort to promote tourism in Malaysia, this music festival is organised in Botanic Garden, Penang.

Some of the famous performers invited to this event are:

SALEM TRADITION (Reunion Islands)
KRIES (Croatia)
BADILA (Iran , India , France)
AFENGINN (Denmark)

This time, according to the official website,"...The atmosphere of this beautifully landscaped Botanic Gardens will once again be filled with enchanting melodies originating from various parts of the world when world-renowned musicians once again converge in harmonic fusion at this spectacular music festival for the second time here..."

"This time it is expected to attract a bigger crowd as traditional music enthusiasts – international, regional and local – throng the Botanic Gardens to enjoy enthralling shows from different performing bands from cultural or community-inspired roots. The music festival was successfully held in July last year and attracted over 5,000 fans."

TH IT is honoured to be selected as the IT vendor to supply pc, multifunction copier and setting up of the internet connectivity at the media centre and be on standby at site.

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Penang World Music Festival official site:

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Malaysia Water Festival - Langkawi 2008

Malaysia Water Festival - Langkawi 2008
3 Apr 08 to 5 Apr 08

1 Apr 08, our order is 10 pc, 1 multi-function copier, internet access for all the PCs. Upon confirmation of our order, we quickly make preparation to send the equipment to Langkawi. We have done Langkawi before during the Langkawi International Dialogue 2004 but then we outsource the transportation job. This time we plan to send ourselves since it is not really a heavy load.

I have assigned the job to our assistant manager from the Technical Department, Mr. Chan Yih Farn. He will drive the company vehicle Toyota Unser 1.8 to Langkawi.

Transportation consideration

Learnt from the lesson from my last trip to Penang for the Career Fair there, we decided to give our value client a free upgrade to all notebooks. By doing this the Unser will not be seen as fully loaded with a lot of computers and hence reduce the risk of getting traffic summon for transporting goods in a non-commercial vehicle.

Cargo Ferry Services to Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful island within the state of Kedah Darul Aman. Their official working days are from Saturday to Thursday in which time Thursday they work half day. Langkawi is also a duty free island and therefore all equipments going into Langkawi needs to be declared to the custom office there.

All vehicle need to check in one day earlier

All vehicle going to Langkawi needs to arrive at the cargo ferry jetty 1 day earlier to check in to the carrying barge. Everyday they will only make 1 trip and the trip takes about 8 hours. The jetty is located at Kuala Kedah.

The media centre will need to be set up by 2nd Apr 08. To achieve this Yih Farn will have to reach Kuala Kedah by 12 pm 1 Apr 08. He left at about 3 am on 1 Apr 08 and reached Kuala Kedah at about 9.30 am.

He was told to leave the vehicle at the assembly point and the operator will drive it into the barge. The key will be passed to the captain and no one will be responsible for the goods carried in the vehicle!

After the handing over of the vehicle to the transport company, Yih Farn cannot follow the barge, he has to take a passenger ferry separately to Langkawi and collect his vehicle from the jetty at Langkawi at Tanjung Limbung the next day morning!

Same procedure on return

Same procedure apply when return from Langkawi. All equipment need to be packed and loaded into the vehicle, drive to jetty and leave it to the barge operator. Yih Farn has to take passenger ferry separately and collect his vehicle from Kuala Kedah the next day morning.

A successful experience

Learnt from our previous experience to various places, our job to Langkawi is a total success! We don't get any summon, no delay, all equipment are in good working condition, our client has no complain.

Our client's testimony:

Dear Lee,

Thank you for the media centre in Langkawi, it was good.. I have no complaints! Chan was excellent.

However, now I need quotations for equipment in Labuan .

We are having the second part of the Water Fest in Labuan from 25-27 April.

Can you give me a quotation for the same things as in Langkawi, but this time for Labuan .

Thank you!!

Amirah Alkaff

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

TH IT at Malaysia Water Festival - Labuan

Labuan Water Festival
25 to 27 Apri 08

After the Langkawi Water Fest, we were very happy to continue to work with our client to set up media centre at Labuan.

We were ordered to deliver 10 notebooks, 1 fax, 1 copier and 1 printer plus the setting up of the media centre with internet access.

Creative packing

Since I will be going with the client alone and we made a special arrangement with our agent in Labuan for the fax, copier and printer. Whereas all the notebooks and networking equipment will be hand carried myself. The question is HOW? What is the best method?

After we got our order confirmation, we have only 1 day left to prepare. All our notebooks are already ready because our normal work flow procedure will always get them ready after every rental job. But do we still have enough time to get a shipping agent to do for us? Will all the cargo be able to arrive Labuan on time on 24 Apr 08?

Worried of the shipping problem to Pattaya will repeat, I decided the best approach is hand carry myself. However, to hand carry, I have to change our packing method. Last year we packed to Dubai, we use the HP 17” CRT monitor box. Each box can only put in 3 laptop with the laptop bags, that means I will have to handle 4 of those big bulky boxes myself, plus my own luggage it will be more! That is too many for me to handle!

Well, I have been thinking, we don’t really need to bring the laptop bag right? All the notebooks will be set up at the media centre and there will not be any movement required. So I bought a customize hard carrying case and 1 roll of bubble bag.

We wrapped the notebook with the bubble bag and arranged them side by side in that carrying case. So we managed to put in 11 units notebooks in just 1 carrying case complete with all the power cables, power adapters, 1 streamyx modem, 1 wireless router, 1 24 ports switch, 13 network cables. The size of the case is approximately 74 cm (L) x 38cm (W)x 47 cm(H)! We packed the rest of the power extensions required in a small 17” LCD monitor box. Wah la! We were so happy because my target was achieved to limit my luggage to 3 only!

Hiccups at the LCCT terminal

Morning 6.45 am 24 Apr 08, we were checking in at the LCCT terminal. After we have placed the case with 11 notebooks inside on the weighing belt at the check in counter, it weighs 54 kg! The check in operator told us,

Take note everybody: Max load per bag allowed to check in to the air craft

“Max load for each luggage is limited to 32 kg! I would not allow you to check this in. This luggage should be sent by cargo service!”

Alamak, what is this? Something that I worried happened. When I made my ticket booking, I was trying to find out is there any max limit to the weight and size of the luggage we can carry. I search all over the web site of Air Asia and don’t find any clue of this tiny piece of information. Since I was very busy the night before, I gave up and proceed to do some other important thing(One of my relative pass away).

“This information is printed in the terms and conditions section when you purchase the ticket online.” Soft spoken operator told me. “May be you don’t read it carefully in detail, but I really can’t check you in!”

Printed in small letter and arranged in a very boring text mode, I guess many people will click “Yes, I have read the terms and conditions and I accept.” Without actually reading it. After all you have to accept it in order for you to buy your ticket online, that leaves you with no choice at all so why border reading it!” So I am one of these people (next time should read all the terms and conditions carefully) I was trying to search this information all over the AirAsia’s web site but couldn’t get and yet it is hiding inside the terms and conditions section.

I don’t want to blame AirAsia for this but I just think for a better presentation of CRITICAL information, it should be high lighted and make it very obvious and very eye catchy. For something which I have learnt “What is common knowledge to one not necessarily so for the others. Therefore you can’t assume everybody know what he is suppose to know. So if somebody asks you a weird question, you have to answer that politely or display it clearly especially if this information is so important if violated one will not be able to proceed further!” For example, nowadays we cannot bring any liquid base product into the aircraft and this message is highlighted very clearly every where in the airport and in the website but just not this one on max weight. May be so far, they don’t have so much problem on passenger trying to carry 50 kgs goods in one case and trying to check in, but isn't this information so important that if one can't solve this problem on the spot, like what I have experienced, his whole schedule will be affected.

So, I have to deal with the unexpected incident very quickly because we don’t have much time left. The suggestion offered by the operator was, check in the case in the afternoon cargo flight. To do that it means I have to stay back and reschedule the equipment deliveries and there is still a lot of things to settle, full of uncertainty and the goods may only reach mid night or may reach on 25 April 2008, by which time we will not be able to meet the targeted set up date line.

But the operator’s word, “Max 32 kg per case” gave me a clue, I just need to reduce the weight but I didn’t bring any extra case! Luckily the chocolate shop in the airport has nice and relatively solid case for sale. I quickly rush to the shop (2 times), pleading emergency I bag the pardon of the queued customers to let me pay first, I finally got 2 bags and manage to check in all except for the last bag which I got in the second time. Luckily I still can hand carry that one into the cabin.

For Malaysia Water Festival Website:
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Photo gallery:

Round Island Kayaking Champion

Malaysia Water Festival 2008 - Introduction

Starting from the beginning of Apr 08, organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the 11th King of Malaysia has revived the 9th edition of the Malaysia Water Festival which will take place in Langkawi and Labuan respectively.

TH IT is honoured to ge selected as the IT vendor to assist in setting up the media centre of each event.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the organiser and our client for given us this golden opportunity to participate in all these important international events.

Below is our record of our experience in these events:

TH IT at Malaysia Water Festival - Langkawi from 3 to 5 Apr 08

TH IT at Malaysia Water Festival - Labuan from 25 to 27 Apr 08

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

TH IT successfully supply 64 bits mobile workstations

New milestone

14 Mar 08 marked yet another date in our history of adding new category of product to our rental asset list. On this date, we have added 10 units of Dell Precision M4300 64 bits notebook to our asset list for rental.

The purchase is for a rental request for 1 week training at JW Mariotte Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 24 Mar 08 to 28 Mar 08.

Requirement of the training:

The training is meant for a highly advance software called PUMAFLOW and its hardware and software requirements are very high, some of the important features are like:

Intel Core 2 Duo minimum 2 GHz,
4 GB of memory
NVidia Quadro Fx360 512 MB memory graphic card,
Ultra sharp monitor
64 bits hardware and OS support
Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3 or 4 with at least kernel 2.6

Work done by TH IT sales and technical teams:

Upon confirmation of order, we have decided to purchase a mobile workstation rather than a desktop workstation. Here, we have chosen Dell Precision M4300 mainly because of their flexibility and excellent price performance quality as well as their execllent support. We placed our order on 14 Mar 08, Friday late evening and we received all the units on Wednesday, 19 Mar 08, around 12 pm. Taken away Saturday and Sunday, Dell delivered our order practically in 3 working days! Our greatest thanks to Dell's sales and support team, especially Ms. Joanne.

On top of the minimum requirement by our customer, we actually decided to increase the value of the laptop by choosing the following additional value:

1. Intel T7500 2.2 GHz
2. Ultra sharp display (1920x1200)
4. WIN Vista Business 64 bits downgradable to WIN XP PRO 64 bits

Work through public holiday

Upon received of the notebooks, knowing that the software installation of Reh Hat Linux Enterprise may not be so straight forward, our technical team led by Mr. Chan work on it immediately the next day, eventhough 20 Mar 08 is a public holiday! Red Hat Enterprise 4 was installed quite easily however there was difficulties to install device drivers especially the graphic card driver! Work continued until Friday and yet we couldn't solve the problem! Finally I decided we must call for help!

I am very grateful to Linus and Leong for being so kind to drop by our office at 9.30 pm Friday night to help us look into the problem. Through their persistent effort and expertise, they concluded that Nvidia Quadro FX360 driver cannot be installed correctly on Enterprise 4! Later research found that Dell US site has certified for this model Enterprise 5 only. So, we quickly run a quick installation of Enterprise 5 32 bits and found all drivers can be installed easily!

After checking with our customer's vendor in France and obtained their consent to run their software with Enterprise 5, we then have to start download the 64 bits version of Enterprise 5. By that time, it is 1 am in the morning. As the download takes time, we decided to get some sleep and once again, I would like to express my sincere and grateful thanks to both of my friends, Linus and Leong for their kind support!

On the next day, after the download was completed, we were able to install everything easily. Our delivery on Sunday afternoon remained on time and we delivered the job without any problem!

Picture above showed that all the notebooks have been set up and the trainer and customer representative is working on installing their Pumaflow program.

Quality ex-rental computer sales program:

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Click here for more information on Puma Flow software supplied by BeicipFranlab from France.

Click here for article on 2nd delivery of the same notebooks for PumaFlow training.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2008 rent from TH IT again!

4 January 2008

Once again Jelajah Malaysia is successfully carried out by our customer and we are very proud to say that 2 of our technical staff has followed the team throughout the whole journey and they have earn the recognition from the customer

This year, Jelajah Malaysia is from 6 Jan 08 until 14 Jan 08 and is for a period of 9 days.

Before the event:

Request come in for the list of equipment they needed plus the 2 technical staff who have followed the team successfully last year, they are Mr. Chan Yih Farn and Mr. Azmi. Due to Yih Farn's excellent performance in his work, he has been promoted to run TH IT's technical department and hence he is too busy to be released for the event. A new staff, Faizal instead is suggested to replace YF.

The whole company is very excited about this event and we have a meeting before the event. All the relevant staff have attended the meeting. In the meeting, YF has highlighted what are the issues they faced last time and we have discussed about the possible solutions. After the meeting, Faizal is required to go through with YF a few exercises to set up the equipment with a few possible scenarios.

All the required equipment were prepared and checked before sending out to Concord Hotel, Shah Alam, where all riders are suppose to assemble and register themself.

List of equipment rented from TH IT:

Media Center: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm, 2x notebooks, 1x printer, 1x integrated wireless router.

Secretariat: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm, 2x notebooks, 1x printer, 1x integrated wireless router.

Result bus: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm

During the event:

The team starts to assemble on the 4th of January, YF and Faizal were sent there to set up the secretariat and media centre first. There they are required to standby in the hotel.

Everything went very smooth until after the 1st day's race. I received a call from Faizal saying that one of the step down transformer for the copier has burnt and hence 1 copier is not working. By then, the team was at Port Dickson. We responded quickly by quickly sending another unit to replace the faulty copier. The distance to Port Dickson is about 180 km.

So the copier's problem was solved quickly and then Faizal reported that one of the reporter could not go online with her notebook and he has quickly help her to correct her settings. Then after, of course she can go online.

After this, we did not hear from the team anymore problem.

According to our customer's feedback, both the guys have done their jobs well and they are very pleased with what we have done to make the event successful.

Official website from Jelajah Malaysia:

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TH IT home page:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2007 rent from TH IT

January 2007

Entering the beginning of January 2007 marked the adventurous dates for two of TH IT’s technical staff, Yih Farn and Azmi. For they will be following the organising team for Jelajah Malaysia to round half of Peninsular Malaysia in 9 days.

Jelajah Malaysia is an international multi-stage cycling event. The event starts from Bentong, a town in the state of Pahang, moving towards East coast in a rainy season. Many international racers have participated in this event and really not many people have the chance to follow such an adventurous event in their whole life.

Here's the list of places they have cycled across:

Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Jeli, Gerik, Sg. Petani, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Putrajaya.

The event orgnizer needed some photocopiers, notebooks and printers for the secretariat and media centre at each stop. Our technical team is suppose to reach the ending point hotel to get ready all the equipment required before the end of each race. At each stop, they were required to set up internet access facility for the media and organizer to make reports and communicate.

Our two technical staff are required to wake up very early in the morning, at about 6 am and to finish their breakfast and get ready to move to the next stop. At each stop, they have to wait until the last reporter finished their work then only they can go back to sleep.

According to both of them, the whole journey is tiring but they enjoy very much. Our customer, En. Mazlan were very pleased to have both of them onboard and insist that next round they will rent from TH IT again and they want both of them again!

Jelajah Malaysia 2007 race result.

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Video clip on Jelajah Malaysia 2007