Friday, July 4, 2008

More than 200 units of pc, nb & printer etc ON RENT today from TH IT

In the evening when I was having dinner with my family, I was so excited to announce this:"Today we just delivered 80 units of pc and notebook to one place plus another 14 units of notebooks to another, and this make our total delivery to-date amount to more than 200 units of different equipment!"

As I did a count today, to-date we have delivered the following:

1) To Hotel Le M.,

29 units of pc,
11 units of black and white laserjet printer (minimum 24 ppm)
5 units of color laserjet printer
1 unit of scanner
2 units of multifunction printer (fax, scan, copy and print)
1 unit of projector

Sub-total: 49

2) To Wisma D.,

64 units of pc (all with LCD monitors)
16 units of notebook.

Sub-total: 80 units

3) To Wisma L.,

14 units of notebook

4) To DP,

37 units of pc
6 units of projector
4 units of printers

Sub-total: 43 units

5) To C W,
6 units of notebook

6) To C H,
5 units of pc
5 units of printer

Sub-total: 10 units

7) To P. H.
4 units of PC,
2 units of notebook

sub-total: 6 units

8) To CMA
12 pc

9) To Cyberjaya
1 server

Total: 221 units of various kind of equipment!

This is really a new record high in TH IT's history! Nine years ago, I started the company with 2 PC, and today there are all together 221 units of various type of equipment on rent to different customers. Despite the above 221 units of equipment, we still have quite a number of items in our warehouse.

Here I like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the customers who have given their valuble support in the past and now.

It is my vision to lead the company to become a leading professional computer rental company in the country and in the region. The above is just a new milestone and I am sure we will advance to another milestone in the near future.