Thursday, March 27, 2008

TH IT successfully supply 64 bits mobile workstations

New milestone

14 Mar 08 marked yet another date in our history of adding new category of product to our rental asset list. On this date, we have added 10 units of Dell Precision M4300 64 bits notebook to our asset list for rental.

The purchase is for a rental request for 1 week training at JW Mariotte Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 24 Mar 08 to 28 Mar 08.

Requirement of the training:

The training is meant for a highly advance software called PUMAFLOW and its hardware and software requirements are very high, some of the important features are like:

Intel Core 2 Duo minimum 2 GHz,
4 GB of memory
NVidia Quadro Fx360 512 MB memory graphic card,
Ultra sharp monitor
64 bits hardware and OS support
Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3 or 4 with at least kernel 2.6

Work done by TH IT sales and technical teams:

Upon confirmation of order, we have decided to purchase a mobile workstation rather than a desktop workstation. Here, we have chosen Dell Precision M4300 mainly because of their flexibility and excellent price performance quality as well as their execllent support. We placed our order on 14 Mar 08, Friday late evening and we received all the units on Wednesday, 19 Mar 08, around 12 pm. Taken away Saturday and Sunday, Dell delivered our order practically in 3 working days! Our greatest thanks to Dell's sales and support team, especially Ms. Joanne.

On top of the minimum requirement by our customer, we actually decided to increase the value of the laptop by choosing the following additional value:

1. Intel T7500 2.2 GHz
2. Ultra sharp display (1920x1200)
4. WIN Vista Business 64 bits downgradable to WIN XP PRO 64 bits

Work through public holiday

Upon received of the notebooks, knowing that the software installation of Reh Hat Linux Enterprise may not be so straight forward, our technical team led by Mr. Chan work on it immediately the next day, eventhough 20 Mar 08 is a public holiday! Red Hat Enterprise 4 was installed quite easily however there was difficulties to install device drivers especially the graphic card driver! Work continued until Friday and yet we couldn't solve the problem! Finally I decided we must call for help!

I am very grateful to Linus and Leong for being so kind to drop by our office at 9.30 pm Friday night to help us look into the problem. Through their persistent effort and expertise, they concluded that Nvidia Quadro FX360 driver cannot be installed correctly on Enterprise 4! Later research found that Dell US site has certified for this model Enterprise 5 only. So, we quickly run a quick installation of Enterprise 5 32 bits and found all drivers can be installed easily!

After checking with our customer's vendor in France and obtained their consent to run their software with Enterprise 5, we then have to start download the 64 bits version of Enterprise 5. By that time, it is 1 am in the morning. As the download takes time, we decided to get some sleep and once again, I would like to express my sincere and grateful thanks to both of my friends, Linus and Leong for their kind support!

On the next day, after the download was completed, we were able to install everything easily. Our delivery on Sunday afternoon remained on time and we delivered the job without any problem!

Picture above showed that all the notebooks have been set up and the trainer and customer representative is working on installing their Pumaflow program.

Quality ex-rental computer sales program:

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