Thursday, August 16, 2012

TH IT has two new presence in the web

TH IT's new presence in the web: 
THIT at Facebook and thitonline at

TH IT has added two more new Web Presences:

1.  On 26 Mar 2012, we have created our Facebook pages name as THIT. Obviously with this facebook accounts open, you could get to know our latest info as soon as possible here.

Here is how to subscribe to our Facebook account:

2. On 20 Apr 2012, we have added a store at The ID for our store is called THITONLINE.

Quality ex-rental products are display for sale here. We are glad to say that so far we have been very successful in this, some of our products are fully sold out within a short period of time. You may login to our store using the following link.

To get updated from us on the products available for sales, please go to our Facebook and "LIKE" us.

As we move on, we are glad to say that we are also registered as Canon's preferred dealer, we will be posting brand new Canon's products for sale at the store as well.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning Discovery Program at TH IT

Taylor’s College selected TH IT Resource Centre Sdn Bhd as the platform for their Learning Discovery Program

TH IT is proud to be selected by Taylor's College for the discovery learning program. The program which was held on 15 March 2012, joined by 38 students of Pre University SAM Program together with the teacher advisor, Ms. Yap is very meaningful to us. It was considered important as this is the second time our company received visit among student. We are very happy and pleased to welcome them. Even our managing director himself, Mr. Lee Te Hua did not hesitate to join along the day. 

Wonderful, worthy experience 

Useful platform to start business
Excited, enthusiastic, memorable…….That was the feeling experienced by them during their unforgettable moment at our company. Through this program, students were able to experienced business environment which cannot be learnt in the classroom. We are trying to expose students the operation of business. It can also be apply as preparation for those who have the determination to start business. Our company willing to share the information for the benefit of students. They even show interest as there were lots of question regarding company being asked. It seemed they were able to use two hours here to gain lots of knowledge

Our future hope........

Happy to join the program

 Learning Discovery Program
Unique......facilitator among student
The program which started at 3pm is very unique as the person in charge to explain about our company is among the student itself. Eight student had been chosen to take care of the section which includes Work Schedule, Rental Asset Management, Accounting Software (MYOB), Human Resources Management, Accounting System, Term Loan and Overdraft, Hire purchase and Leasing, and Marketing. They played roles as the facilitator whereby students will take turn to listen to every session. They were so lucky compared to others as Mr. Lee Te Hua himself brief about the company a day before the program.

Educational program......

Corporate Social Responsibility
TH IT is honored for the visiting as it was part of Corporate Social Responsibility. It shows that our company is not only focusing on gaining profit but also concern about the community. Our company is satisfied as long as students get better understanding through the short visiting. Our company is always open for everyone.

What they said……………

Tan Li Ching, 18

“Cool, awesome, educational,
I get ideas on how to start business,
Getting lots of money but very complicated” 

Vincent Tey, 18
“Interesting program,
TH IT is a profitable company,
I suggest other company to rent with this company
especially small company, it can reduce cost”

Kevin Goh, 18

“I am able to get full picture on how to start business”

Teng Wern, 18

“Beneficial, educational,
After joining this program, I want to start business too”

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