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Malaysia Water Festival - Langkawi 2008

Malaysia Water Festival - Langkawi 2008
3 Apr 08 to 5 Apr 08

1 Apr 08, our order is 10 pc, 1 multi-function copier, internet access for all the PCs. Upon confirmation of our order, we quickly make preparation to send the equipment to Langkawi. We have done Langkawi before during the Langkawi International Dialogue 2004 but then we outsource the transportation job. This time we plan to send ourselves since it is not really a heavy load.

I have assigned the job to our assistant manager from the Technical Department, Mr. Chan Yih Farn. He will drive the company vehicle Toyota Unser 1.8 to Langkawi.

Transportation consideration

Learnt from the lesson from my last trip to Penang for the Career Fair there, we decided to give our value client a free upgrade to all notebooks. By doing this the Unser will not be seen as fully loaded with a lot of computers and hence reduce the risk of getting traffic summon for transporting goods in a non-commercial vehicle.

Cargo Ferry Services to Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful island within the state of Kedah Darul Aman. Their official working days are from Saturday to Thursday in which time Thursday they work half day. Langkawi is also a duty free island and therefore all equipments going into Langkawi needs to be declared to the custom office there.

All vehicle need to check in one day earlier

All vehicle going to Langkawi needs to arrive at the cargo ferry jetty 1 day earlier to check in to the carrying barge. Everyday they will only make 1 trip and the trip takes about 8 hours. The jetty is located at Kuala Kedah.

The media centre will need to be set up by 2nd Apr 08. To achieve this Yih Farn will have to reach Kuala Kedah by 12 pm 1 Apr 08. He left at about 3 am on 1 Apr 08 and reached Kuala Kedah at about 9.30 am.

He was told to leave the vehicle at the assembly point and the operator will drive it into the barge. The key will be passed to the captain and no one will be responsible for the goods carried in the vehicle!

After the handing over of the vehicle to the transport company, Yih Farn cannot follow the barge, he has to take a passenger ferry separately to Langkawi and collect his vehicle from the jetty at Langkawi at Tanjung Limbung the next day morning!

Same procedure on return

Same procedure apply when return from Langkawi. All equipment need to be packed and loaded into the vehicle, drive to jetty and leave it to the barge operator. Yih Farn has to take passenger ferry separately and collect his vehicle from Kuala Kedah the next day morning.

A successful experience

Learnt from our previous experience to various places, our job to Langkawi is a total success! We don't get any summon, no delay, all equipment are in good working condition, our client has no complain.

Our client's testimony:

Dear Lee,

Thank you for the media centre in Langkawi, it was good.. I have no complaints! Chan was excellent.

However, now I need quotations for equipment in Labuan .

We are having the second part of the Water Fest in Labuan from 25-27 April.

Can you give me a quotation for the same things as in Langkawi, but this time for Labuan .

Thank you!!

Amirah Alkaff

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