Saturday, February 14, 2009

TH IT kicks off 2009 with a new series of nationwide rental

In the midst of voices of financial crisis everywhere, we enter year 2009 with a good kick off. Our January rental book is bloomed with a telephone call from one of our regular customer.

The good news is immediately after Chinese New Year which falls on 26 & 27 Jan 09, we will be kicking off with a series of nationwide rental jobs.

The job span from Peninsular to East Malaysia, from Northern most capital city of Perlis, Kangar to Southern most capital city of Johor, Johor Bahru, every state in Peninsular is covered.

For reason of confidentiality, we will not reveal our customer’s name here but will simply refer them as PP.

Below is the schedule of rental program given:

WPKL - 19 Jan to 20 Jan 09
Melaka - 21 Jan to 22 Jan 09
P. Pinang - 3 Feb to 4 Feb 09
Perlis - 5 Feb to 6 Feb 09
Selangor - 9 Feb to 10 Feb 09
Negeri Sembilan - 11 Feb to 12 Feb 09
Perak - 16 Feb to 17 Feb 09
Kedah - 18 Feb to 19 Feb 09
Kelantan - 22 Feb to 23 Feb 09
Terengganu - 25 Feb to 26 Feb 09
Pahang -2 Mar to 3 Mar 09
Johor -5 Mar to 6 Mar 09
Labuan - 11 Mar to 12 Mar 09

The rental.
TH IT’s scope of rental includes:
Providing 18 units of computer , 1 unit 6’ tripod screen for each state,
Delivery, set up and return pick up.
All deliveries are destined to end user’s office.

Each site has 12 units of computer need to be preinstalled with customer’s software. This part of the job is carried out by PP's software vendor. Due to the tight schedule, 2 sets of 18 units computer are used for rotation purpose, at some locations, our technical team has to stay at the site for several days before they return to office.

By the time this article is published, we have just finished Negeri Sembilan and have just delivered to Ipoh yesterday.

Next week, we will deliver to Kedah and Kota Bahru. For the trip from Kedah to Kota Bahru, our technical team will be using the East West Highway for the first time!

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