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Citrarasa Malaysia 2008 - Miri, Sarawak

TH IT's experience at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008 - Miri, Sarawak.

Learnt from our previous experience to Labuan (Malaysia Water Festival 2008 - Labuan), we have identified the Dos and Don'ts for our preparation to carry our notebooks to Miri, Sarawak.

This time, our order is still standard, ie 10 notebooks, 1 multifunction copier and internet wireless connectivity.

Creative Packing
As the note on the maximum carton weight per case limited to not more than 32 kgs per case, we have shelved the idea to use back the hard carrying case we purchased previously. However, we do not want to rule out that the case is still very good in other jobs because in one this box we can put in upto 12 notebooks!

By taking away the hard carrying case, our weight will be reduced. For the replacement, I have decided to use 3 units of Polo suitcases. 2 of them I purchased from the airport during my last trip to Labuan. 1 from my suitcase inventory!

All the equipment and accessories were nicely packed into those 3 suitcases and they were checked in smoothly without any question asked!

Responsibility for safety
After viewing a few episodes of National Geography's Air Crash Investication siries, I realised most air crashes are actually due to human's mistake either by way of recklessness or negligent. So as a responsible passenger, we have to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the air line industry strictly. As I still remember, on my way return from Labuan, the check in operator actually asked if all the battery in the laptops have been detached. As this is quite an important safety rule, I have instructed my technical team to detached the battery from the laptop when packing.

Are airlines following the rules?
While we, the passenger follow the rules lay down by either the air lines or the authority, is our airlines follow those rules accordingly?

Let me just recall my last 2 trips' experience:

On my way to Labuan,
when the case is too heavy, it was rejected.
However, the check in operator never ask what is the content. I guest she is confident it is safe to check it in as long as there is a security scanned sticker. But the security never ask if the notebook battery is detached?

On my way returning from Labuan to KL,
I was asked to detached the notebook battery.

On my way to Miri,
All my notebooks checked in easily without any question from the security or the check in operator.

On my way back to KL,
(Will update later)

How can airport authority and airlines operator prevent terrorist attack effectively?

With all these carelessness and loopholes in the airport and airlines operation, I became to think how could terrorist attacks be prevented effectively? Especially when electronic technology is so advance now-a-days!

Citrarasa in Miri
Set up for the Media Center in Miri is done very smoothly. However, after my last visit to Miri about 14 years ago, I found Miri's wheather is very much warmer than before.

The tent was set up properly and the contractor gave me one chain with a good padlock to secure the front door. However, when one of the air conditioner failed, I saw how easily the air conditioner can be remove from its' position and leaving behind a big rectangular entrance for entry. After checking with the organiser on the status of security, I was told that on Thursday night, 19/6/08, there will not be security on guard! I got so worry for the first night and decided to take back all the notebooks to hotel.

On second night, I felt a bit more comfortable with the security and decided to leave all the notebooks in media center. To improve the security, I stacked up all the banquet chairs available and blocked up the 2 air conditioners opening.

Customer's operation is the utmost important consideration
We have to be very careful with security for very obvious reasons of losing the notebooks and any equipment not only means lost of asset but it also means great interruption to client's event. Lost of equipment may be compensated but lost of client's event time can never be replaced.

Nice food
There are many food stalls during the event (about 90) and despite the hot wheather, I found quite a number of surprises in this event. Some of the food I like most are:
Otak-otak from Johor
Rendang from Perak
Laksa Sarawak
Manok Kampung from Sarawak - a very rare food which I have never seen in West Malaysia. This type of food is like lemang but instead of 'nasi pulut' chicken is inserted into the bamboo and burn until it is cooked.

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TH IT at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008

TH IT is the IT provider at Citrarasa Malaysia 2008

Following the Colors of Malaysia which is held at Putrajaya, we move on to participate in Citrarasa Malaysia 2008. Once again we like to express our sincere thanks to Tourism Ministry and our business partner for giving us all these golden opportunities to participate in all these activities to help to promote tourism both locally and to international visitors.

Citrarasa Malaysia is an event to promote the vast varieties of cultural rich and delectable Malaysian food and drinks. This event also helps to promote Malaysia's famous tropical beauty and hospitality.

The event starts off at Titiwangsa Lake Garden from 6 Jun 08 to 9 Jun 08 and ends in Miri, Sarawak from 20 Jun to 22 Jun 08.

Citrarasa Miri 2008 - 20 Jun 08 to 22 Jun 08 -

another unique experience for TH IT.

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