Monday, June 29, 2009

17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Minister

The 17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (17CCEM) takes place from 15-19 June in Kuala Lumpur and it is also the 50th aniversary this year. The conference was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and the theme for this year is:

‘Education in the Commonwealth: Towards and Beyond Global Goals and Targets’.

TH IT is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this international event by renting to the centre the following list of equipment:

Ricoh MPC4000 full functions color laser jet printing complete with finisher - 1 unit
Ricoh MPC4000 full functions b/w printing - 1 unit
Desktop computer - 25 units
Printer - 5 units
Fax - 1 unit

Our new Ricoh MPC4000 have done us a very good job, during the conference period they have helped our customer printed 96,449 pages of black and white print out and 2,273 pages of colour print!

The copier's finisher helped to staple and sort out print out automatically and thereby reduced time and labour to manage this huge print volume during this 5 days period!

Once again this job proved TH IT's commitment to our customer to provide the best and good quality equipment and service!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

4th and 5th training event with M4300

Thanks to our customer's continue support, we have rented out our M4300 to our valued customer for the 4th and 5th time to conduct their Puma Flow training.

These two events took place in Renaisance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur this time and training were conducted on 18 May 09 to 22 May 09 and 25 May 09 to 29 May 09.

As this is not the first and second time the Precision laptop is required, everything runs very smoothly. We have trained up Din to perform the Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 installation, and training company's engineer, Ms. Rabia came to our office on 15 May 09 to set up their software.

She completed her set up in time and we delivered the notebooks to Renaisance Hotel on 18 May 09 7.30 am. Thanks to Yih Farn who made the on time delivery and set up.

All the notebooks were locked with the Kessinger lock we provided and we like to express our deepest appreciation to the hotel's staff and security for allowing us to leave all the notebooks overnight in the function room and took good care of the notebooks.

After the first week's training, we collected back all the notebooks on Friday evening and redelivered them on 25 May morning 7.30 am. Again a very good job done by Yih Farn.

On 29 May 09 evening, we collected back all of them and this ends the fifth time of rental.

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