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Jelajah Malaysia 2007 rent from TH IT

January 2007

Entering the beginning of January 2007 marked the adventurous dates for two of TH IT’s technical staff, Yih Farn and Azmi. For they will be following the organising team for Jelajah Malaysia to round half of Peninsular Malaysia in 9 days.

Jelajah Malaysia is an international multi-stage cycling event. The event starts from Bentong, a town in the state of Pahang, moving towards East coast in a rainy season. Many international racers have participated in this event and really not many people have the chance to follow such an adventurous event in their whole life.

Here's the list of places they have cycled across:

Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Jeli, Gerik, Sg. Petani, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Putrajaya.

The event orgnizer needed some photocopiers, notebooks and printers for the secretariat and media centre at each stop. Our technical team is suppose to reach the ending point hotel to get ready all the equipment required before the end of each race. At each stop, they were required to set up internet access facility for the media and organizer to make reports and communicate.

Our two technical staff are required to wake up very early in the morning, at about 6 am and to finish their breakfast and get ready to move to the next stop. At each stop, they have to wait until the last reporter finished their work then only they can go back to sleep.

According to both of them, the whole journey is tiring but they enjoy very much. Our customer, En. Mazlan were very pleased to have both of them onboard and insist that next round they will rent from TH IT again and they want both of them again!

Jelajah Malaysia 2007 race result.

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