Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2008 rent from TH IT again!

4 January 2008

Once again Jelajah Malaysia is successfully carried out by our customer and we are very proud to say that 2 of our technical staff has followed the team throughout the whole journey and they have earn the recognition from the customer

This year, Jelajah Malaysia is from 6 Jan 08 until 14 Jan 08 and is for a period of 9 days.

Before the event:

Request come in for the list of equipment they needed plus the 2 technical staff who have followed the team successfully last year, they are Mr. Chan Yih Farn and Mr. Azmi. Due to Yih Farn's excellent performance in his work, he has been promoted to run TH IT's technical department and hence he is too busy to be released for the event. A new staff, Faizal instead is suggested to replace YF.

The whole company is very excited about this event and we have a meeting before the event. All the relevant staff have attended the meeting. In the meeting, YF has highlighted what are the issues they faced last time and we have discussed about the possible solutions. After the meeting, Faizal is required to go through with YF a few exercises to set up the equipment with a few possible scenarios.

All the required equipment were prepared and checked before sending out to Concord Hotel, Shah Alam, where all riders are suppose to assemble and register themself.

List of equipment rented from TH IT:

Media Center: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm, 2x notebooks, 1x printer, 1x integrated wireless router.

Secretariat: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm, 2x notebooks, 1x printer, 1x integrated wireless router.

Result bus: 1x high speed copier 45 ppm

During the event:

The team starts to assemble on the 4th of January, YF and Faizal were sent there to set up the secretariat and media centre first. There they are required to standby in the hotel.

Everything went very smooth until after the 1st day's race. I received a call from Faizal saying that one of the step down transformer for the copier has burnt and hence 1 copier is not working. By then, the team was at Port Dickson. We responded quickly by quickly sending another unit to replace the faulty copier. The distance to Port Dickson is about 180 km.

So the copier's problem was solved quickly and then Faizal reported that one of the reporter could not go online with her notebook and he has quickly help her to correct her settings. Then after, of course she can go online.

After this, we did not hear from the team anymore problem.

According to our customer's feedback, both the guys have done their jobs well and they are very pleased with what we have done to make the event successful.

Official website from Jelajah Malaysia: www.jelajah.com.my

Computer, copier rental provider: TH IT RESOURCE CENTRE SDN BHD
TH IT home page: http://www.th-it.com